What are the different types of Pyjamas?

Being at home never means that you should compromise on your style statement.  In that regard, nothing suits women better than cool and stylish pjs. Primarily intended to serve the purpose of a comfortable night dress, pyjamas are also the ideal choice for loungewear. Below we discuss some of the most popular types of pyjamas that are genuinely worth it.  Offering you optimum comfort and featuring a strong fashion statement, these outfits will uphold your style. Strip Cotton Pyjamas A classic choice as a night dress, being stylish and comfortable for the home, the stripe cotton pyjama stands unmatched. The best part about this is that it blends classic with fun.  It features subtle stripes on a solid background, usually coming in soft colours. It promises you the maximum comfort, to help boost the quality of sleep. Make sure you pick the right size that allows you to conveniently carry it, allowing ease of movement for your comfort, if you are picking it as a regular home outfit. Meadow Cotton Pyjamas  A perfect pick for ladies passionate about sports, this stylish pj makes you look like a sports star. The best part is that the construction involves cotton that promises comfort and convenience. You can pick these pants for a casual appearance, as well as in the course of transit between two destinations.  The lightweight pant goes better if combined with as soft sweatshirts or light-fabric top. 3 Piece Nursing Pyjamas Set  If you are passionate about 3-piece night dress, you would hardly find a better alternative to this outfit. The construction usually involves cotton or viscose.  It features a breastfeeding top and a cardigan, designed in tie-front style. These features make this outfit perfect for breastfeeding mothers and professional nurses. Long Sleeve Girlfriend Pyjamas Sets  A long sleeve top, coming with ankle-length pyjamas, these feature tiny dots across the entire length of the fabric. You get these sets available in various shades, serving both indoor and casual outdoor appearances. You will surely love this pj as it promises you high comfort and convenience. Two-Piece Short Sleeve top and Pyjamas Set  Featuring borders along the edges and it comes as a short sleeve top and pyjamas set.  It is a night dress that suits both girls and women of all ages.  Besides the personal uses, it makes a worthy choice as a gift item to your friends and relatives.  The construction involves cotton that implies the night dress will offer optimum comfort, boosting the quality of sleep.  You can undoubtedly opt for this outfit with confidence, as you will find positive feedback on this item. Buying any of these outfits fetch you the best value for your money, whilst helping you to uphold your fashionable style.  Keep a look out for our exclusive deals and offers.